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Fulfilling all your payment service requirements via a unified platform

UnumPay is a hub for major payment providers, facilitating seamless integration and accessibility.

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One click install and simple activation

It can be installed with a single click to your Shopify store. You click install, login to your store and activate the app to start working.


Simple interface to configure advance settings

Select the banks to integrate, sort them the way you want, hide/unhide during select campaigns or enable multi-currency.


Gain full visibility into your financial transactions

Get custom reports to conciliation reports, review success and failures against each transaction or benefit from a high-level visual dashboard view.

Paid Order Reportingimg alt text goes here...
Get a comprehensive report on paid orders and payments, and list order gateways along with their transaction ID.
Refund Paymentimg alt text goes here...
Refund or reverse the payment to a customer who has paid through a Debit/Credit card.
Intuitive Payment Integrationsimg alt text goes here...
Choose the best payment provider for your business. Offering a range of top-notch payment providers.
Customizable Dashboardimg alt text goes here...
Optimize your order table as you see fit. Add filters, generate reports and analyze the performance of your payment gateway.
Payment Gateway Configurationimg alt text goes here...
Configure and integrate your desired payment gateway all by yourself.
Currency Switcherimg alt text goes here...
Add and switch currencies to cater your customers all around the globe.
Sort Payment Gatewaysimg alt text goes here...
A premium feature that allows you to allocate payment gateways to your preferred orders, keeping the gateway performance in mind.
Hide Payment Gatewaysimg alt text goes here...
Allowing you to hide your payment gateways and select COD payments based on the area of delivery.
Advance Paymentimg alt text goes here...
Allowing you to take advance payment from customers for the products they ordered and are to be received at later dates.


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This app has made payment integration and reconciliation an automated and seamless process for us.


Seamless and efficient payment app which has made it easier to reconcile payments against each order.

Bata Pakistan

This is the best payment app and we are using this from last 3 years and never faced any issue. Support team is also very efficient. highly recommended.


Unampay is embodies a stellar blend of user-centric features in e-commerce. With its user-friendly interface, it ensures a seamless transaction experience for merchants and customers alike. Emphasizing stringent security measures, Unampay instills trust through robust encryption, safeguarding sensitive data. Its seamless integration with Shopify underscores its reliability and ease of setup. Furthermore, the app's responsive customer support stands out, swiftly addressing any concerns. Offering a diverse array of payment methods, from credit cards to digital wallets, it enhances convenience for customers and potentially boosts sales. Unampay's swift transaction processing without technical delays solidifies its reputation as a dependable payment solution."


Unumpay has truly simplified my e-commerce experience. The user interface is remarkably intuitive, making it easy to navigate and set up. What sets Unumpay apart is its exceptional customer support — responsive, knowledgeable, and always ready to assist. The app's seamless integration of multiple payment methods has been a game-changer for my store, providing flexibility and convenience for both me and my customers. Highly recommend it for its simplicity, top-notch support, and versatile payment options


This app has made payment integration and reconciliation an automated and seamless process for us.


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