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About us

Innovation and Implementation

Alchemative believes in excellence and evolution to bring you the best. Our innovative and research-based approach makes us one of the most customer-centric companies in Pakistan and UAE. Our technical expertise allows us to analyze your problem and bring you the most optimum solution. Thanks to our team of veterans, we have emerged as a leading solution provider over the years. We work to ensure the quality and growth of our stakeholders and that's what makes us stand out.


 Drive Us

Continuous learning, experimentation and innovation are the keys to providing the best available services to our clients. In addition, to constantly adapting to the market demands and preparing for future prospects, our core values are what drive us forward in every project we take up.
Excellence for us comes from the utilization of latest technologies and trends for our projects while following industry best practices in our processes. This enables us to deliver quality with consistency.
We promote highly interactive engagement practices among our employees and with our customers. This atmosphere of open exchange of ideas, views, and feedback makes up for an honest and transparent culture.
We strive to build a culture where innovation is at the center of every thought process, we consistently strive for learning and adaptation of new trends as the technological advancements come about.



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•   Founded Alchemative
•   Won First Ecommerce Project
•   Delivered First Website Project- Mobile Masters
•   Launched  Managewise with Cyberoam
•   Microsoft Office 365 reseller partnership
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•   Delivered a vehicle tracking solution in production for over 1000 vehicles using Ruby on Rails and nodeJS.
•   Built and delivered a daycare solution for an Australian client
•   AWS partnership
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•   Delivered Beacon based Content Delivery System on mobile for Pakistan Army War Museum.
•   Delivered a Retail BI using SQLServer and Ruby on Rails for Sapphire
•   Delivered an Oculus Rift based VR app for Borjan Shoes.
•   Started Developing Sapphire retail estore on Magento 1.9 
•   Established backend operation and call center for Sapphire retail.
•   Became Shopify Partners
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•   Developed ELAN e store on Magento 1.9.
•   Started developing PGWs for Shopify.
•   Established digital marketing team.
•   Built Master Card PGW for Magento .
•   Developed multiple stores on Shopify for major brands.
• Became part of Paradigm Consulting Group consortium.
• Built Candela’s basic integration for Sapphire estore.
• Secured important local and international digital marketing customers.
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•   Gained ShopifyPlus Agency level partner status.
•   Established ecommerce market dominance.
•   Established Alchemative in UAE.
•   Delivered manpower exchange solution for UAE market.
•   Started building Trucking & Freight management system for ADSO UAE
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•   Became Google GSuite reseller.
•   Became WPEngine partner.
•   Started building Ginkgo Retail (Digital Retail Solution).
•   Secured first customer on Ginkgo.
•   Spin-off of Digital Media unit into a separate company ADEX360.
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•   Ginkgo established market leadership in the digital retail space.
•   Adex360 became a strong challenger in the performance marketing space.
•   Started publishing Public apps on Shopify App store.




Umar Farooq Rana
Obaid Arshad
Director Retail Transformation
Wasim Hassan
Head of HR
Ali Abbas
Director of Ecommerce
Muhammad Tayyab
Director Technology
Hamza Irfan
Head of Marketing
Fraz Meer
Head of Design


 and Affiliations

 and Affiliations


Amazon Web Services is known for its extensive range of services for cloud-based products. Alchemative leverages the implementation of Amazon Web Services for businesses to bring effective costs, improved performance, and efficient processing. The amazon web services facilitate the development of applications and games, the processing of data, and its warehousing. Being the AWS partners, Alchemative strives  to leverage their business offerings by providing technical, implementation, and maintenance support to AWS clients.


Alchemative is a proud partner of Google SUITE, the platform providing everything that you need to do anything. The G Suite provides integration and the presence of all the tools in one place. Alchemative is a G suite cloud partner in Pakistan giving access to all these tools through successful integration and maintenance of your activities on the cloud. 


Alchemative works as a partner with Insider to provide marketing and growth platforms to businesses across Pakistan. Both the companies aim at elevating the digital marketers by improving the sales funnel and bringing automation with AI that can harness the success of the brand. The Brand specializes in Retail, Travel, Media, Finance & Banking, Automotive, and e-Betting industries and is endorsed around the globe.


Alchemative has partnered with WP Engine to provide digital WordPress experiences based on the amalgam of innovation and service. WP Engine provides customer-centric solutions for websites that are based on CMS WordPress. If you are looking for web hosting that is managed, optimized, efficient, and comes with expert support 24/7, then WPEngine is your thing. Alchemative offers end-to-end managed IT services on the WP Engine to deliver an optimized WordPress solution for the growth of your business.

Adex 360

Adex 360 is a marketing agency powered by a team of individuals who aim at assisting their clients in building an impactful presence around various mediums. They help align your business strategies in ways that can help grow your business to meet the right audience. Alchemative has partnered with Adex 360 to support the growing businesses in creating their impactful presence digitally, targeting a market that can lead to maximum ROI and business growth.


Growex is a complete package for startups seeking a direction to grow. The team strategizes the growth and development of your brand to extend its reach to the target market. It's a team of developers, marketers, and strategists who know how to give a kick start to your business and help boost its market presence. From refining your ideas and creating your online presence to amplifying your market engagements, Growex has got you covered. Alchemative is an active partner of this incubation platform as we highly believe in supporting new businesses.


Enlyst is a platform connecting job seekers with employers. Bringing technology into action, the company strives to bridge the gap between the applicants and employers. They aim to simplify the recruitment process for companies by assisting them in finding the right match for their positions. Enlyst has successfully delivered to many clients and aims at continuing to do so. Alchemative feels delighted to be partners with Enlyst in this venture.