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Myths About Shopify Plus Migration, Debunked
June 5, 2024
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With an annual revenue ranging from $1 to $500 million, over 5,300 brands operate on Shopify Plus, a reliable and quick platform. However, some vendors still view switching to Shopify from their current platform as risky or difficult. So, we got some questions from business owners and we’re about to dispel myths about Shopify Plus.

Myth 1: The migration process takes a lot of time and would interfere with my daily activities.

Our answer…

Platform migration is often misunderstood to be an exhausting procedure. Replatforms don't have to take a long time. The process of switching to Shopify Plus can be completed quickly, with minimal effects on your regular business operations and clientele.

For example, when a platform changes, one may assume that the new URL will result in a broken user experience. You have some prejudice. While platform migrations need new URLs, this may be handled easily for both your clients and internal staff managing historical data. We reroute all of your outdated pages to a new URL for your Shopify Plus store so that clients who are viewing your website via your old URL don't receive 404 errors. As a result, your users' experience is flawless, and your sales may go without any issues whatsoever.

The speed of the transfer can vary based on the requirements of your brand, but it can happen rapidly with a Shopify migration. However, the requirements you have for your new website, your currently existing data set, your current backend system, and other moving components of a project can significantly impact how long the migration will take.

Myth 2: The migration will impact my technology stack.

Our answer…

This myth has some validity—migration will affect your tech stack, but not negatively. Some stacks, like Adobe or Magento, are designed specifically for e-commerce platforms, but others work with all platforms and are simply adapted to your new configuration. On the other hand, moving to a new system is an ideal chance to evaluate your existing technology: is it still functional? Has it helped you achieve success? If the response is negative, you may still add a ton of well-liked tech services from Shopify to your stack, since they have a proven track record of success.

For example: Nosto, Yotpo, Recharge, LoyaltyLion, Klevu, Algolia

Using a Shopify Plus agency enables you to make 1:1 migrations for incompatible platforms like Magento, so you don't lose data or functionality, if you're worried about switching out services and losing data. With Shopify Plus, you even have the option to enhance functionality via the numerous customization options available to you.

Myth 3: Shopify lacks the configuration I require as a big business.

Our answer…

One of the most widespread myths regarding the Shopify platform is that business brands cannot be supported by it. Despite popular belief, Shopify offers Shopify Plus to both large-scale brands and start-ups, including hypergrowth direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands (Gymshark, Kylie Cosmetics, etc)

So how can Shopify Plus handle legacy companies with complicated fulfillment systems, established procedures, and existing customer data? Big legacy businesses have used e-commerce platforms like Salesforce and Magento to effectively make the switch. On the other hand, Shopify Plus' extensive range of services and support meet or surpass rivals' expectations globally.

Big brands usually have their own in-house e-commerce teams, and since they are unfamiliar with Shopify, it makes sense that they are unwilling to switch platforms. However, when you deal with a Shopify Plus provider like us, you may ask for training, get a detailed guide for your new Shopify store, and obtain as much information as possible.

Myth 4: I might lose my customer data if I migrate, or I might not be able to transfer data across.

Our answer…

This is by far the most easily eliminated of all the Shopify misconceptions we have proven. No site shift, including to Shopify Plus, is completely risk-free when it comes to data loss. Having said that, minimizing that risk requires putting in place a comprehensive and high-quality migration plan.

Every important piece of information, from your customer database to your website content, should be listed in your plan and taken into consideration throughout migration. Even though it is vital, the planning and execution process may appear difficult. This step cannot be skipped for the sake of convenience.

Site migration plans can be created on-site by teams within many large corporations. However, you should still be able to benefit from a Shopify Plus migration even if you don't have a team of experts. As an alternative, you may always think about collaborating with a Shopify Plus partners.


Myth 5: Shopify isn't meant for global use.

Our answer…

Misleading information: Shopify offers some fantastic new international offerings.

As more and more companies concentrate on growing internationally, Shopify keeps growing and extending its offerings. Shopify Plus has introduced some essential features for global e-commerce. There is always something new for developers on Shopify.

On a final note

When you're making a significant transition, like switching from your current platform to Shopify Plus, it's normal to feel anxious. However, moving your e-commerce site to Shopify might even help boost sales and conversions if you prepare properly and get some assistance. Additionally, you won't have to worry about data loss, tech stack deterioration, delays to regular business operations, or loss of enterprise or global brand functioning with a quality migration strategy customized to your operations and present workflow.

Brands moving to Shopify also receive access to all of the platform's native customisation tools and services. For brands looking to grow, the Shopify Plus migration presents an opportunity because of these benefits.

In case we have cleared up any misconceptions preventing you from switching to Shopify Plus, please get in contact with our team, as we have experience managing and assisting with the replatforming of some of the largest global brands.

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