Incorporating Logistics and Payment Integrations for Mehroze Couture Within the Shopify Platform

Mehroze Couture



Project brief

Founded in 2015, Maison Mehroze started operations in the historical city of Lahore. A small atelier was established with the labor force of just one seamstress and 2 hand embroiderers. Today, Maison Mehroze comprises of 30 hand embroiderers and seamstresses. ​ Initially catering to local clients, the label primarily used social media platforms to market its products. All customer inquiries, order placement and order delivery were being handled manually through Facebook and Instagram. Soon, the brand started receiving queries and interest from international clients due to their unique designs and exclusive collections.


Initially catering to local clients, the label primarily used social media platforms to market, handle customer inquiries, order placement and order delivery. With an increased interest from international clients, the brand realized that handling orders through social media was not sustainable. Brand sought a digital presence that could: · Address its Brand Positioning · Capitalize on its burgeoning brand · Add authenticity in international markets · Help with operational concerns for growth

Partnering with Alchemative

Like the brand’s focus on attention to detail in its own offering, Mehroze Couture wanted to partner with a company that could provide detailed and comprehensive strategies that would allow the brand to showcase its own ethos.

Mehroze decided to partner with Alchemative after all the concerns were addressed in a transparent and authentic manner. Alchemative’s vast experience in digital commerce along with a portfolio of leading fashion brands, also played a crucial role in the formation of the partnership.


After a thorough information gathering session with the brand, the team at Alchemative undertook:

· Comprehensive market research of the companies catering to the global market

· UI/UX of various websites were studied that offered luxury wear apparel

· Alchemative also banked on its own experience of building leading fashion brands websites to come up with the best solution for the label.


Alchemative suggested the perfect theme on the Shopify platform that could be adopted to build the website. An optimized user journey was drafted to improve customer experience. To shift the manual order processing and inquiry handling process, Alchemative suggested incorporating Logistics and Payment integrations within the Shopify platform.

· Shopify Platform

· Kalles Theme

· Optimized Customer Journey

· Logistics & Payment Integrations

· Easy Management with Dashboard


- Personalized Design: The website design was crafted to reflect the ethos of Mehroze Couture. It captured the brand persona and conveyed the label’s creative craftsmanship.

- Optimized User Journeys: From intuitive navigation to a seamless checkout experience, the entire customer journey was built with a user-centric approach to provide a complete valued-added experience.

- Responsive Experience: In order to ensure a consistent brand experience, the entire website was built to be responsive on all devices including web, mobile and tablet.

- Logistics & Payment Integrations: To handle inquiries, order requests, order fulfillment and payment processing, recommended integrations were installed within the website.

- Data Protection: Recognizing the sensitivity of customer information involved in the luxury sector, state-of-the-art security measures were installed to safeguard user data and transactions.

- Customer Training: The brand’s internal team was provided multiple training sessions in order to help them manage the platform on their own, allowing full control and freedom to operate.


After implementing the comprehensive research-based strategies, the brand’s website was launched that reflected Mehroze’s true vision. The website not only added authenticity and visibility for Mehroze Couture but also offered an elevated customer experience for global clients.The website successfully captured the attention of their target audience, showcasing the power of a well-executed digital strategy in the retail sector. Logistics and payment integrations allowed the brand to seamlessly manage their operations with more control and visibility of their business, setting them up for a sustainable global expansion.

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What They Say About Us

Thank you, Alchemative, for the kind mention! It has been a fantastic experience working with such a committed and passionate team. Seeing the transformation from #Magento to #Shopify and contributing to the evolution of Interwood Mobel (Pvt) Ltd.’s online presence was truly rewarding. Kudos to Komal Jaidka for leading this initiative with such finesse, and the development team for their relentless efforts. As Interwood continues to be a beacon of excellence in the furniture industry, I feel proud to have been a part of this digital transformation journey. Wishing you continued success, and I look forward to potential collaborations in the future.

Shahzaib Anwar


Alchemative has been working as our technology partner - web services for the last 2 years. They have brought a high standard of performance and technical expertise which in turn have helped Élan streamline its e-retail operations while focusing on consumer-driven designs.

Ali Abbas

Head of Retail, Elan

With Alchemative as our technology partner, we have learned and explored a lot with our business. We would just want to keep it short and simple and quote Alchemative to anyone as these guys are the best. Keep up the good work!

Bilal Sajjad

CEO, Baroque

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