Alchemative offers fully customizable solutions and services at the Shopify platform

Our Solutions

With us at your back, it is as easy to run your online business as it is to start it. Manage your inventory, orders and shipments on a fully automated platform without having to worry about safety of your data.


Bank Alfalah


Jazz Cash



Viral Throb   (SMS Marketing)

Cart Abandonment


TCS Courier Pakistan

Leopard Pakistan


Jazz Cash

With our payment gateways, receive your credit or cash payments without any hassle or uncertainty Never miss out on a business opportunity with the help of our integrated marketing applications All your shipments are taken care of in a highly organized manner by our specialized logistic partners



Is there a setup fee?

There are no setup fees involved for the plans unless you are looking to get some customization done. In which case there will be a 3-month upfront payment.

Do I need to enter my credit card details to sign up?

No. After you have signed up, you can use Shopify Store for a free trial for first 14 days. During this time you don’t need to enter your credit card details at any point. After 14 days, whenever you choose to launch your store, you will select a plan and enter your credit card information.

Can I cancel my account at any time?

Yes. Any time you feel you need to pull out of your Shopify store for any reasons, you simply have to cancel your account.

How long are your contracts?

All plans are primarily on annual basis. After one year, the plan is revised.

Can I change my plan later on?

Absolutely! Anytime you feel the need, you can easily upgrade or downgrade your plan.

Do I have to sell the same products in-store as I do online?

No. This is absolutely your own choice what products you want to sell online and/or in-store.

What is the rate if I type in a credit card?

If you use your credit card number, the rate will be the same as your online rate.

Are there any transaction fees?

Any transaction

Do I need to learn to use the integrated apps?

No. The integrated apps run as part of your Shopify store functionality at the backend.

Does Shopify give me multiple store front option?

No. Shopify only gives you multiple stores option. However, in a customization plan, different store fronts can be synched together.

Does Shopify give multi-currency support?

No. Shopify does not provide multi-currency support.

Does Shopify support market place idea?

No. Shopify does not support market place idea.

Is Shopify equally good for B2B service?

No. Shopify has been designed for retail stores only.


Can I use my own domain name?

Yes. You have the choice of purchasing a domain name with Shopify. Alternatively, you can also use an existing one that you own. But you also get a free domain name for your store on sign up.

What are your bandwidth fees?

None at all. You get unlimited bandwidth free of cost on all Shopify plans.

Do I need a web host?

All our plans include secure and unlimited ecommerce hosting. In fact, if you want to add ecommerce to any of your existing websites, you can do that by clicking on the Buy Button.

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