We build innovative solutions
for Retail applications.


The SMS Marketing solution that makes life simple by making things feel less like work.
With ViralThrob you can easily and securely access users. You can create elegant, simple, branded messages and send them via email or SMS. You can automate your campaigns so that they reach the right audience and at the right time. Campaigns carried out through Viral Throb act on demographic, psychographic and geographical data to empower targeted customer journeys. We give our customers complete liberty to market their products and to face the competitors in the market.

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Retail BI

See the bigger picture

Experience a bird’s eye view of your performance using visual data representation like never before.


Create custom reports to analyze trends you didn’t even know existed in historic and real-time data.


Always be one-step ahead as you utilize the power of computation and statistical analysis to predict what moves you should make.