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Avail a free payment gateway integration


We are offering a free payment gateway integration to businesses that have a monthly revenue of less than 3000 USD per month, growing brands can greatly benefit from this offer as they do not have to pay for integrating a payment gateway and simultaneously increasing sales.

Payment gateway


Payment gateway integration allows your customer to stay on the website while the transaction is being processed. Our expertise allows us to integrate almost any payment gateway as we have already integrated various large payment gateways like Bank Alfalah, MCB, Bank Islami, HBL, UBL, and Keenu.


Companion Reporting



We are providing you a free reporting app within the price of payment gateway integration because once the sales accelerate, you will need transaction reports, so you can better analyze the situation of your business. This will enable you to increase efficiency and sales, observe product performance and stay in control. Unified Transaction allows you to stay on top and keep an eye on all your business activities.


Alchemative is a futuristic and dignified firm which centralizes itself in customer-driven technology. Our experts excel in Shopify, Magneto and various other e-commerce platforms. We are the only Shopify Plus level company in Pakistan and second in the region. Our responsibilities are diversified for implementation of payment and shipment integrations along with unified courier services.
The standard package allows you to integrate a single payment gateway and can only accept local currency.
•   Allows only 1 currency
•   SIngle payment gateway integration
The enterprise package allows you to integrate multiple payment gateways and the customer can pay in any currency.
•   Allows customer to pay in any currency
•   Multiple payment gateways integrated