Key Takeaways from Shopify Unite 2021

shopify Unite

In the world of eCommerce, Shopify still enjoys a leading status. Shopify Unite is an annual conference comprising Shopify Global partners, business leaders, and enthusiasts to announce the latest features, updates, and investments.

Shopify Unite 2021 was very special because, at this conference, the big eCommerce giants introduced the greatest ever set of investments and infrastructure innovations in the history of Shopify.

During a pandemic, ecommerce sales got a massive boost, and this zenith continued after the pandemic. Shopify was closely viewing all the situations and worked hard to create more possibilities for its users.

Now, Shopify is offering the best customer experience by giving merchants the freedom of infinite customizations. Therefore, the main aim of this conference was to build an enhanced experience for merchants.

Shopify tried to eradicate the technical issues, some problematic constraints and introduced a developer-centric future of this platform.

CEO of Shopify said;


“The internet is the world’s largest city, and Shopify is building its commerce infrastructure, especially over the past year. We saw independent businesses succeed by showing up creatively and uniquely in this city. The future of commerce on the internet relies on creative expression at every touchpoint.”

Major Takeaways From Shopify Unite 2021

The conference was quite long. Let’s summarize the points discussed in Shopify Unite 2021.

Online Store 2.0

Online store 2.0 is one of the most extensive updates announced by Shopify Unite 2021. It’s an improved version of this platform containing the latest features to expand the functionalities for users. For example, Online Store 2.0 allows users to have complete control over the brand image, appearance, etc.

unite shopify

Developers have been given full access to explore and make possible customizations on this platform. Shopify is hopeful that Online Store 2.0 will ease the work of developers and merchants.



As discussed before, online store 2.0 gives massive room for personalization to developers. In addition, the all-new customization features like sections, blocks, drag and drop elements, etc., made this platform easy and user-friendly for developers.

Now business owners can easily customize their web pages, adding and removing content according to their needs. In addition, Shopify also introduced advanced customization options like Theme Check and GitHub integration to the extent of the borders of personalization.


Shopify improved the customization process and worked hard on easing the customizations for the users so that they may learn and enjoy during work.

Moreover, Shopify introduced flexible options to store data in the web store. As a result, it became easy for brands to edit their product data anytime. For instance, brands want to edit their product price, description, or anything for a specific event; they can do this easily.

Easy Integration

App blocks made the life of developers easy. This gives them much room for more straightforward customization. The scenario is completely changed now; they can easily integrate any app or extension into their store without any single line code.


This is accomplished by an app block Liquid file that helps developers manage and add integration straight from the Theme editor. Although this feature is scheduled to be launched later this year but this type of seamless integration is most awaited for business owners.

Improved Conversations

The excellent checkout experience is the most vital asset of any ecommerce brand. Usually, at this part, conversations happen. To give the best checkout experience, Shopify announced significant improvements to the checkout experience in Shopify plus with checkout.liquid code.


Shopify introduced some UI components, APIs, and checkout extensions straight from the library, which aids in the seamless building of checkout applications. As a result, these apps are faster, easy to install, and upgrade safe.

Cut short; merchants will enjoy all the benefits with this release. Users will have the following accesses with the checkout extensions;

  • Extension APIs

  • New Extension Points\

  • Component Library

  • New APIs


These custom checkout applications will give a seamless experience with Shop Pay and other payment methods.

More Options in Shipping & Payment

In Online Store 2.0, merchants will enjoy more shipping and payment options. Local pickup experience has also been introduced with the help of Shopify scripts. In addition, it allows brands to tailor shipping options during the checkout experience.


Shopify also announced another option to replace legacy integration and allow developers to create custom payment gateways as Shopify apps. This payment system is compatible with the latest checkout procedure. This feature is expected to bring more value to the business and give more options to customers.

Increased Order value

With the Buy Now Pay Later feature, retailers can now offer greater flexibility to their customers, checking for larger cart sizes, increasing conversions by up to 50%, which is why they are raising the standard order price.


Shop Pay installments allow the consumer to purchase products and pay for them over time with four interest-free installments and no additional costs. This encourages more consumers to choose this service and help themselves, and the retailers benefit from it.

High Flexibility

Another exciting feature is Shopify’s new scripts which provide high flexibility and helps marketers to create a backend of a specific approach to their goal. With Shopify’s new documentation, users can streamline and manage their business operations and traffic from major retailers and flash retailers worldwide.


The purpose of these scripts is to simplify the development process, improve product credibility and enable a faster method that helps brands bring a different experience to their customers. Also, Scripts can now be sent and installed with applications, which means that they can now be installed in most stores without the need for a single line coding.

Custom Stores with the Storefront API Flexibility

With the introduction of the new Shopify store APIs, customers can now create customized themes with the UI and use multiple commercial capabilities – curbside pickup, global pricing for global consumers, accurate registration systems, etc.


Shopify also introduced Hydrogen, a toolkit for developers and a React framework that addresses the complex needs of the storefront and helps developers build different commercial websites that are the size of a product with just a few clicks. This helps to quickly build the front of the store with a lot of focus given to the UI to make the product stand out. Along with Hydrogen, Shopify users also get Oxygen, the best way to host Hydrogen stores directly at Shopify – fast, global, and for all types of businesses

Pickup Feature

Shopify introduced a pickup feature that allows customers to pick up their products from the agreed location. This lessens the high shipment costs and enables merchants to create multiple pickup locations for their customers.

pickup feature

The code of this theme is focused more on HTML and CSS and less on JavaScript to enhance speed and usage.


Ecommerce business owners are excited about the Shopify announcements. Developers started their work on GitHub, generating ideas and implementing their ideologies with the help of code. Shopify Unite 2.0 was focused on the following points.


  • Introduction of Online Store 2.0
  • Enhanced user and merchant experience
  • Historic investment in Shopify Infrastructure.


The infrastructure, tools, and technology that give the future of the business have been focused on this year’s Shopify Unite. Leadership has gone to great lengths to discuss the products Shopify has been working on and provide updates on their roadmap as they continue to measure the tools developers use to build on Shopify.


Moreover, newbies are more excited about the revenue-sharing policy announced by Shopify this time. Shopify announced,


“As of August 1, 2021, we’re offering zero percent revenue share on the first million dollars you make annually on the Shopify App Store.”


It means you can enjoy your entire revenue before you reach the first 1 million mark. So cut, short Shopify is stepping into the world of enhanced ecommerce practices.



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Shopify improved the customization process and worked hard on easing the customizations for the users so that they may learn and enjoy during work.

Moreover, Shopify introduced flexible options to store data in the web store. As a result, it became easy for brands to edit their product data anytime. For instance, brands want to edit their product price, description, or anything for a specific event; they can do this easily.

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