Is Search by Image the Future of Online Stores?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) added a prodigious value to search technology in the 21st century. Before the advent of AI, search results were dependent on textual search only and the measure of accuracy was the language used to describe the item. However, with AI-based search, innovation has been introduced to the search as the algorithm of AI reads the product attributes, processes the logic, and then gives smart results. One such advancement in the search as presented by AI is searching through images.
An image is an image of lines, curves, colors, textures, and semantic patterns for an AI tool. It keenly analyzes each detail, comprehends it, and then returns results. Because of this logic and technologic-driven pattern recognition feature in AI-based search can return results with almost 90% accuracy.
According to Business Wire, 59% of online customers prefer visual information to a textual one. The world is progressing at a fast pace and AI technology has increased its velocity to keep up with the pace of change. Search by Image powered by smart AI is a step towards that innovation.
You found an image of your desired product somewhere, but don’t know the exact name of it. That’s where the use of image search becomes indispensable on eCommerce stores.
Customers are usually less patient, especially when buying their desired product. The long catalogs of products on eCommerce stores do not fascinate any customer who wants to buy a specific desired product.
Therefore, the features of image search are fruitful for both customers and online retailers. And that’s where you need to have it installed at your store too! Let’s dive deep!

For Online Sellers

Following are the features and use cases of search by image for online retailers;
  • Conversion Rates: Search by image enhances the conversion rate, they will land on their desired results. This increases the chance of their purchase and thus increases the conversion rate.
  • Increased Customer Interaction: It will eventually increase the customer’s interaction with the webshop. If they found their desired product from one site, they will come back for another.
  • Cross-Selling Opportunities: Online retailers may have opportunities to sell products of other famous brands on their eCommerce sites to increment sales.
  • Better Reach: Images are a good source for audience engagement. They are more likely to appear on top results of search engines than any textual piece of work.
Following are the benefits of search by image for customers;

For Customers

  • Quicker Decisions: Search By Image allows potential customers to quickly land on their desired product and make a swift buying decision. Therefore, it saves much time instead of spending hours exploring the whole website for one product.
  • Increases Customer Satisfaction: If a person gets the desired product without going into any detailed search process. It will eventually increase customer satisfaction. More satisfied customers mean more regular customers.
  • More Options: If a customer searches by image, usually the store shows some similar products and the one searched. So, there will be more options for the customer to purchase similar items.
  • It Gives A Natural Feeling: Searching a product by image and purchasing it online feels very natural because this process contains 0% of customer’s anxiety. It feels like physically, you bought your desired product from your nearest shop.
It’s the 21’st century, visual search; mainly, image search is widely used by different industries worldwide, including eCommerce, gaming, banking, etc. The most popular utility of this technology is in the eCommerce sector.

Suppose a person has a picture of a blue T-shirt with a polo sign. They navigate through the whole site using different keywords but are unable to find an exact match. Our Search by Image works as follows:

Use Case of Search by Image

  1. The potential customer uploads the image of the desired product
  2. Smart AI in Search by Image starts processing the image to find relevant matches.
  3. Search by Image then shows relevant results.
That’s how easy it is to shop online in a smart store!


Now, the question is,Is your store SMART?
The image search tool will not replace text search, but it’s an exquisite option for people to land on the exact desired result. Alchemative is the pioneer of image search technology, ‘Search by Image’ by Alchemative is powered by Artificial Intelligence to enhance the accuracy of results. Online sellers can set their preferences in tools, either they prioritize color, brand any other category to enhance the search experience.
If the customers get accurate results on their search, the tool is only said to be successful. ‘AI Search by Image’ is the most accurate Shopify app to date.


About Alchemative: Alchemative is the leading technology company; it excels in software development, e-commerce, and cloud-based solutions. Alchemative has secured an ~80% market share o Pakistan’s e-commerce for the fashion industry in a short period of 5 years. Some milestones of Alchemative include developing 26+ applications, 100+ e-stores, 12+ payment gateways, and facilitating 120+ integrations. Also, Alchemative is the only Official Shopify Plus Partner in Pakistan since 2018. Alchemative’s innovative and research-based approach enables it to deliver excellence and financial growth for its customers. Contact Us: Ph: +92 300 0342354 Email:  

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