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Expedite Human Capital Management has the flexibility to take every aspect of your employee management process online by using comprehensive modules which are mapped to real-world practices. From defining system level features to HR information management, leave management, attendance management, payroll management and much more – HCM covers every facet. By taking most of your paper-based processes online, you can enable employee productivity by ensuring things get done faster, in the right way and have full accountability. Maintain fine-grained control over visibility and access rights of all functions.

With continued pressure from ever growing competition, optimizing resources and maximizing productivity is ubiquitously encouraged. Effective attendance management system of a workforce assists your organization in a comprehensive way. It analyzes your Return on invested man-hours and makes it easier to handle complex attendance logic. Now capture and integrate attendance data from existing devices with complete visibility of employees’ attendance trends and generate detailed reports explaining employee behavior and attendance trends.


Whether your school is private, public, international or charter, ManageWISE offers features that meet all of your student data management requirements. Our unique, integrated modular design creates a seamless flow of data throughout your school and ensures that you only purchase what you need. ManageWISE offers solutions for every area of your school as it is a complete school management software that helps to easily manage students/teacher profiles, fees, exams, academics, attendance, communication and admin tools.

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